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Whatever your project or application, SPAX has the perfect solution. From universal screws through wood construction screws and concrete screws, all the way to wood connectors and countless extras. A range of your calibre.

Our screw range

We help with the choice of screws

Find the right screw for your project – with our screw consultant

For every challenge, SPAX has a screw that is up to it:
Find exactly the fastener your project needs with our screw consultant. With a few clicks you can find the right screw for your application.

Our highlights

Wood connectors

Whether wood to wood, wood to steel or wood to concrete, the comprehensive specialist range of wood connectors by SPAX offers the perfect solution for every connection.

Wood construction calculation software

The sturdiest foundations? A good plan. The SPAX wood construction calculation software means you can plan your entire project in advance. For smooth installation without any nasty surprises.

Concrete screws

In the thickest block, the hardest floor, the SPAX concrete screw enables fast, secure and cost-effective fastening even in solid concrete.  


Wood construction screws

Anything else is deadwood: SPAX is the preferred screw in the timber construction industry. With the highest recommendation rate among users.


Ready for every project

Wood construction

From pergolas to wooden roller coasters, SPAX offers the sturdiest solutions for every wood construction project.


SPAX screws guarantee a secure hold for decking. SPAX extras make sure it stays that way for longer.

Indoor applications

For inner calm: the SPAX range keeps all interior projects in place.

Outdoor applications

Whether raging storms or the heaviest rain, SPAX makes sure your exterior projects can withstand whatever nature throws at them.


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